Scrapes – Automatic WordPress Scraper & Content Crawler v2.1.0

Updated: 12 January 2022

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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

Octolooks Scrapes plugin is a robot for writing and copying content from  sites with the ability to automatically translate. Administrators have enough time and opportunity to write when they are just starting their website, but as time goes by and other sites become more popular, webmasters are not able to post new articles and writing due to lack of time and inevitably have to Hiring an author and paying a hefty fee for your site, have you ever considered being able to prepare your website content in just a few minutes !?

Have you ever wondered how you can have an autobiographical robot without having to hire a writer !? I must say that with the Scrapes plugin you can attract a powerful automated writer for your website! This plugin is the most advanced crawler WordPress plugin for copying content from any website automatically and easily by intuitive selection. The Scrapers plugin is easy to use and is designed with a great interface and user experience. You can easily set several steps and put it in the background to get content from source sites.

Scrapes - Automatic WordPress Scraper & Content Crawler
Scrapes – Automatic WordPress Scraper & Content Crawler
Scrapes - Automatic WordPress Scraper & Content Crawler
Scrapes – Automatic WordPress Scraper & Content Crawler

Feature Scrapes – Automatic WordPress Scraper & Content Crawler :

Scrapes :

The most advanced WordPress scraper and content crawler plugin to scrape content from any website automatically with visual selector.

Get your content ready in minutes:

The easy to use interface of our automatic WordPress content crawler plugin is designed for the best user experience. Set up easily in a few steps and leave it in the background to get content from source sites.

One WordPress autoblog plugin for all sources:

What Scrapes can do is completely limited to your imagination. Use the default settings for popular sources or create new tasks from scratch and crawl through almost all websites or use it as a RSS aggregator plugin

Usecase ideas:

  •  News
  •  Currencies
  •  Weather forecasts
  •  Live sport scores
  •  Blogs & Magazines
  •  Articles
  •  Bulletin boards
  •  Social profiles
  •  Design inspirations
  •  Images & Galleries
  •  Videos
  •  Movies & Celebrities
  •  Music & Playlists
  •  Apps & Games
  •  Books
  •  Themes & Plugins
  •  Products
  •  Freelance jobs
  •  Syllabi
  •  Restaurants
  •  Recipes
  •  Theaters
  •  Airports & Flights
  •  Transportation hours
  •  Hotels
  •  + more

All unique and powerful features:

We have identified all the features that an automatic WordPress scraper plugin must have, and developed the state of the art Scrapes to meet all needs from the simplest to most advanced.

Mode 1

Single scraping:

Take specific data from a web page as a single post to your own website in WordPress auto post plugin mode.

Mode 2

Serial scraping:

Track and publish all articles of a website by following detail page and pagination links in WordPress autoblog plugin mode.

Mode 3

Feed scraping:

Track and publish all summaries of articles in a feed or follow detail page links in RSS aggregator plugin for WordPress mode.

Instant control with detailed dashboard:

View all of your tasks on a single screen and easily manage them as you wish.

Supports all WordPress fields:

Scrapes automatically fills all fields those are supported, as if you had manually filled them out. Results of automatic WordPress content crawler plugin is no different from native one.

  •  Post type
  •  Taxonomies
  •  Title
  •  Content
  •  Excerpt
  •  Custom fields
  •  Discussion
  •  Author
  •  Status
  •  Date
  •  Image

Visual selector:

You do not need any programming skills to make the necessary settings. All you need is to match the parts you need on the target page and the corresponding WordPress field with the visual selector.

Auto detect :

Content, featured image, next page etc. parts are matched with the corresponding fields automatically with automatic WordPress scraper plugin from the suitable source sites, so the most accurate section is provided for scraping with minimum effort

RSS aggregator plugin for WordPress:

Get up to date subjects from feeds of websites which are not suitable for plain HTML scraping. Meet both your WordPress auto post plugin and RSS aggregator plugin for

WordPress needs.

Works in background:

Setup and leave it once. Even your browser is turned off your automatic WordPress content crawler plugin will operate 24 / 7 and create posts.

Multiple tasks:

With multitasking capability, our WordPress auto post plugin takes unlimited items from multiple and different sources at the same time.

Ready to go:

Designed to work without any additional coding. Upload automatic WordPress scraper plugin, activate and start scraping. That’s all.

High performance:

Aims to achieve the highest performance for scraping with the advantages of the development of state of art technology.

Minimum requirements:

Works perfectly in virtually any environment, including minimum system configurations provided by shared hostings.

Character sets:

Grabs articles to your own site from different websites with different alphabets and character sets such as Latin, Chinese and RTL.

Basic to advanced:

It can scrape a simple data in the target page or use it as a WordPress autoblog plugin to clone the entire site to your own website for example.

User experience:

The interface designed to create and track your tasks simply, provides you the most advanced user experience as automatic WordPress scraper plugin.

Uniqueness options:

Enables you to make sure that the text from the origin site has not been published before and prevents duplicate posts.

Download images:

Downloads the images in to your own media library from scraped content or leave them as is and loads from the remote URL.

Cookies support:

Supports the use of cookie values for requests to the source site. This allows access to pages that require cookies, such as login or verification.

Custom XPath:

Enter the custom xpath values of the part which you’re experiencing difficulties with the visual selector to the correspondent WordPress field.

Advanced content customization:

You do not have to scrape the content with automatic WordPress content crawler plugin as is. Improve the layout automatically according to your needs before adding it to your own site.


Specify the order of scraped data you want to appear on your site with the template option and personalize the layout of your post. All the options you can use are available as a template tag in the interface.

Usecase ideas: Add the origin site’s address which you get with WordPress auto post plugin to the end of the body, combine the different parts, and edit the layout using visual composer tags.

Find & Replace:

Remove specific words and phrases from the scraped text with the regular expression-supported find & replace feature, or replace them with your own words. Moreover, you can add an unlimited number of rules to run respectively.

Usecase ideas: Remove or replace links in the page, publish only a few words or sentences, remove ads with automatic WordPress content crawler plugin.

Math calculation:

Perform mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on scraped data and obtain a new number. Combine numbers in different custom fields and create new formulas via automatic WordPress scraper plugin.

Usecase ideas: Include your own commission at the price before publishing a WooCommerce product.

Language translation:

Automatically translate content scraped in a specific language to one of dozens of different language options to get completely new content with Bing Microsoft Translator, DeepL Translator, Google Translate or Yandex Translate service.

Usecase ideas: Translate an English website published in another country to your local language with WordPress autoblog plugin.

Content spinner:

You can benefit from integrated ready to use 3rd party spinner services, or use the existing spinner plugins to alter scraped content.

Usecase ideas: Use The Best Spinner service with our RSS aggregator plugin for WordPress to differentiate the content.


Filter the content in the source site to match the rules you specify. So, just make sure that the content is successfully passed through these filters is added to your own site. Moreover, you can add an unlimited number of rules.

Usecase ideas: Through our WordPress auto post plugin, pass posts with a specific word in title, just scrape content after a certain date, skip posts without a featured image, just scrape products under a certain price.

Integrated with themes and plugins:

If you just need more than automatic WordPress scraper plugin, it is for you. Running in compatibility with other themes and plugins is just one of the features that make it strong.

Custom fields:

It provides multi-purpose usage by automatically pulling the contents of custom fields used by other themes and plugins from the fields you specify.

Auto complete:

Automatic WordPress content crawler plugin displays and automatically completes custom fields defined by active plugins during task creation to provide ease of use.

Custom post types:

It allows you to capture content as custom post types defined by active plugins other than our WordPress autoblog plugin of a default WordPress post.

Custom taxonomies:

It allows you to capture content as custom taxonomies defined by active plugins other than our WordPress auto post plugin instead of default categories.

Works with WooCommerce:

From the online stores, you can use the custom post type and custom fields support in your WooCommerce store to collect content in the form of products. Earn revenue by selling products either in your own store or redirecting them to the target site through an affiliate program.

  •  Product type
  •  Regular price
  •  Sale price
  •  Product URL
  •  Button text
  •  SKU
  •  Manage stock
  •  Stock
  •  Backorders
  •  Stock status
  •  Purchase note
  •  Visibility
  •  Featured
  •  Gallery


Get all the information you need out of our rich resources to use it best in your way easily.


Scrape any currency data and keep it up to date with single scrape mode of our WordPress auto post plugin.1 minute 35 seconds.


Scrape the embed codes of YouTube videos into separate posts with our YouTube to WordPress plugin

Envato Market:

Scrape products of Envato Market as different posts with our automatic WordPress scraper plugin and generate revenue with the affiliate program.7 minutes 10 seconds.


Scrape the contents into separate posts with our automatic WordPress content crawler plugin.3 minutes.


Scrape the images in Flickr feeds as different posts with our WordPress Flickr gallery crawler. 2 minutes 30 seconds.


Scrape the embed codes of YouTube videos into separate posts with our YouTube to WordPress plugin. 2 minutes 50 seconds.


Scrape all tweets of a Twitter user as different posts with our WordPress Twitter crawler and auto poster. 2 minutes 50 seconds.


Scrape Facebook posts from pages or groups into separate posts with our auto post Facebook page plugin for WordPress. 3 minutes 24 seconds.

Evato arket:

Scrape products of Envato Market as different posts with our automatic WordPress scraper plugin and generate revenue with the affiliate program. 7 minutes 10 seconds.


Scrape AliExpress products to WooCommerce with our AliExpress WordPress product scraper plugin for WooCommerce. 4 minutes 28 seconds.


Scrape Amazon products to WooCommerce with our Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin and generate revenue with affiliate program.5 minutes 30 seconds.

Superfast and high quality support:

You receive top notch support with dedicated team of fastest professionals across the world.

No additional costs or hidden fees, one time payment only:

Thanks to our transparent price policy and automatic activation system, you can get started with the download link and license code to be sent to your e-mail address after you complete the payment process


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2.1.0LATEST AND STABLE17.06.2020

  • New feature – Bing Microsoft Translator
  • New feature – DeepL Translator
  • New feature – Google Translate (Official)
  • New feature – Yandex Translate
  • Improvement – Minor code fixes.

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How can you offer the products at such low prices?

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Answer: No. If you require technical support regarding a plugin or theme then you will need to either purchase the product directly from the author (a link is provided) or you will need to hire a freelancer to take a look for you. Alternatively, you could ask around some of the helpful WordPress community forums.Not offering support is the way in which we are able to offer the products at a discounted price.

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