Piotnet Addons For Elementor Pro (PAFE) v6.5.12

Updated: 15 May 2022


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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

Piotnet Addons For Elementor (PAFE) plugin has the ability to hide columns, image galleries and arrange columns in responsive mode. Piotnet plugin has a professional form widget. Submission form, multi-step form. It has many custom options and interesting features of this plugin. The forms of this plugin are the ability to create logical and conditional fields and also the ability to connect to the payment gateway.

Features Piotnet Addons For Elementor (PAFE) :

Form Builder  :

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[PRO] 6.5.13 (2022/05/15)

  • Fix requires a select autocomplete field when using conditional logic.
  • Fix condition logic issues.

[PRO] 6.5.12 (2022/05/09)

  • Update Constant Contact API.
  • Fix a conditional issue.

[PRO] 6.5.9 (2022/04/19)

  • Add limit entries feature
  • Update style of Advanced tab.
  • Update ConstantContact authorization URL.
  • Fix newline error in PDF text area fields.
  • Fix an issue with Navigation Arrows Icon control.
  • Fix an issue with PAFE Custom Media Query Breakpoints on the Flexbox container.
  • Fix an issue with PAFE responsive hide column on the Flexbox container.
  • Fix an issue with PAFE responsive column order on the Flexbox container.

[PRO] 6.5.6 (2022/04/06)

  • Optimize license system.
  • Fix an issue of Textarea with a newline in Live Preview mode.

[PRO] 6.5.4 (2022/03/29)

  • Add extensions to Flexbox Container.
  • Remove deprecated Elementor register controls.
  • Fix when using Remove empty field then Export database incorrect.

[PRO] 6.4.24 (2022/02/09)

  • 🆕 New Feature: Integrate the MetaBox Group with the Submit post and the Edit post.
  • ➕ Add new action hook to process Remote Request data:

do_action(‘pafe/form_builder/remote_request_response’, $form_submission, $remote_request_response, $webhook_response);

  • ➕ Add new filter hook to custom response message of Submit button:

apply_filters(‘pafe/form_builder/custom_message’, false, $form_submission, $remote_request_response, $webhook_response);

  • ➕ Add new filter hook to decide send email or not:

apply_filters(‘pafe/form_builder/not_send_email’, false, $form_submission, $remote_request_response, $webhook_response);

  • 🐞 Fix Address Autocomplete Map display broken image.

[PRO] 6.4.22 (2022/01/11)

  • 🆕 New integration: Constant Contact.
  • 🐞 Fix an issue of File Upload field in Repeater.

[PRO] 6.4.21 (2021/12/25)

  • ➕ Add min files validation for the image upload field.
  • ➕ Integration Toolset Field to Register Form Builder and Update User Profile.
  • ➕ Add press enter option to submit the form.
  • 🐞 Fix Slider builder conflict with Elementor 3.5.
  • 🐞 Fix conditional logic when opening Popup.

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