JetEngine – Create a Dynamic Website Structure v2.11.8

Updated: 15 May 2022


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JetEngine is an incredibly smart plugin for the Mentor plugin that enables you to easily create all types of posts on your site. One of the features of the jet engine plugin is the reservation tool. With the Jet Engine Calendar tool, you can easily create any dynamic pattern you want and use it to display events to display them for any date. Among the reservation features of the jetengine plugin are: creating multiple events on each date, dynamic event templates, Q&A performance at events, and more.

JetEngine Adding custom typing and taxonomy, creating post-typing and taxonomy templates, displaying templates in lists and blocks, and using unique widgets are some of the features that Jet Engine provides. Widgets in this plugin include dynamic field, duplicate image field, dynamic link and meta dynamic. The most widely used tools in the Jet Engine plugin are dynamic fields, dynamic images, dynamic repeaters, dynamic links, dynamic terms, and meta-dynamics.

JetEngine - Create a Dynamic Website Structure
JetEngine – Create a Dynamic Website Structure

Features JetEngine – Create a Dynamic Website Structure :

Custom Post Type : Structure the site content

Custom Content Type : Save metadata to one table

Taxonomy : Group the post types

Custom fields : Add metadata to post types

Meta box : Create a custom field storage

Options page : Collect all options in one place

Dynamic Function : Calculate the field values dynamically and showcase the total, average, min/max values on the page.

Dynamic tag : Pull data from meta fields and use widgets to show the posts count, average review rating, booking item pricing, etc.

Shortcode : Generate shortcodes to output JetEngine-related data anywhere in the website content.

Conditional logic : Set the dynamic visibility rules to show/hide specific meta fields on the frontend.

Relations : Interrelate different custom post types by choosing the relevant relation type.

Macro : Call certain functions and display queried data in the listing grid, map listings & advanced calendar.

Data Store, Glossary & Dynamic Visibility JetEngine :

Data store : A personal data repository for every end-user storing post collections such as wishlists, favorites, likes.

Dynamic visibility : Set visibility restrictions for the web page, elements based on meta field values, user data, and other rules.

Query Builder :

Сreate complex custom query lists that can be combined on the backend and used to query any data, sections, and filters on the front-end.

Select data from custom tables and combine it into one selection. Show & hide items, columns, and sections provided that the request is/is not empty.

Data you can query :

  • CPT & CCT items
  • Terms
  • Users
  • Comments
  • SQL tables
  • WooCommerce products

Tables Builder & Charts Builder :

Create both simple and complex dynamic data tables showcasing anything from the Members directory & Residences database to the eBook archives.

  • Display CPT & CCT items, Terms, Users & Comments
  • Showcase WooCommerce products
  • Enable horizontal scroll for massive tables
  • Preview tables from the Dashboard
  • Add smart filters to finished tables

Visualization toolfor dynamic content JetEngine :

Present statistics or analytical data as charts by outputting numeric values. Pick the needed chart type from 12 available or add one yourself with JSON code.

  • Embed Google Charts through custom JSON code
  • Display data from CCT items, Terms, Users, Comments, SQL tables
  • Output the sorted data & REST API content
  • Preview charts from the Dashboard
  • Add the chart legend & stacked chart elements
  • Add smart filters to finished charts

Profile Builder. Power Beyond Imaginary :

Dynamic user profile : Build a user-editable profile with a flexible number of account pages. Customize the templates and JetEngine listings, set different privacy settings for user account pages, etc.

Profile Menu widget : Embed the Profile Menu widget to a user account page template and decide between the ultra-fast AJAX or reload method.

Frontend posts submission : Enable registered users to add new posts to the website through simple, understandable, and convenient forms.

Dynamic Visibility module : You can set visibility conditions for the site content and define which pages will be visible to which User Roles.

REST API. Enhanced Control Over Big Data with RESTful API JetEngine :

REST API Endpoint management : Register custom entry points that allow you to get, create, as well as delete any Custom Content Type items on the website remotely.

REST API Listings : Query the CCT items data through athird-party entry point and display them as a usual Listing Grid on the needed website.

REST API Notifications : Integrate JetEngine Forms and literally any API directly and get the opportunity to send the submitted form data to the specified Endpoint URL.

Browse JetEngine-Powered :

WooCommerce shop : Develop a dedicated online store to advertise and sell trendy products.

The core :

  • Product single & catalog pages
  • Advanced filters
  • Custom Shop pages
  • Custom Mega Menu
  • WooCommerce integration

Real estate : Arrange scattered property rental and sale ads into a single website.

The core:
  • Agent single & catalog pages
  • Property single & catalog pages
  • Advanced filters
  • Profile Builder
  • Additional providers
  • Dynamic repeater groups
Doctor appointment : Create a showy business card website for a medical center.

The core:

  • Doctor single & catalog pages
  • Department single & catalog pages
  • Appointment functionality
  • Multi-step booking forms
  • WooCommerce integration

Grand Hotel : Make it possible to book a stay in a virtual replica of the grand hotel.

The core :

  • Room single & catalog pages
  • Filtering tools
  • Booking functionality
  • Multi-step booking forms
  • WooCommerce integration

Vacation rental : Develop a fully-responsive website for a travel booking agency.

The core:

  • Property single & catalog pages
  • Advanced filters
  • Profile Builder
  • Booking functionality
  • WooCommerce integration
JetEngine - Create a Dynamic Website Structure
JetEngine – Create a Dynamic Website Structure


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JetEngine 2.11.8

April 28, 2022
  • ADD: allow to export & import JetEngine CPT & CCT Meta Fields;
  • UPD: Display CCT Repeater fields;
  • FIX: Dynamic Visibility AND relation;
  • FIX: Forms html rendering bug;
  • FIX: Update Options form hook – allow to clear data;
  • FIX: Human readable time difference callback;
  • FIX: various minor fixes and improvements

## 2.11.7
* ADD: compat with Elementor 3.6 (Listing equal columns height);
* ADD: horizontal layout for checkbox & radio fields in meta boxes;
* UPD: better relations and JSF compatibility;
* UPD: allow to use 3rd party data as source for the calendar widget;
* UPD: better compatibility the lazy load listing with the filters;
* FIX: better WooCommerce compatibility;
* FIX: Query Builder and JSF redirect compatibility;
* FIX: the Load More listing after redirect to prefiltered page (mixed apply type);
* FIX:Edit post type/meta box link style in Blocks Editor;
* FIX: RTL compatibility masonry listing;
* FIX: Apply relations controls labels.

JetEngine 2.11.6

March 23, 2022
  • ADD: Crocoblock/suggestions#2599;
  • ADD: Query ID option for the Query Builder to better JSF compatibility;
  • ADD: escaping a double quote on export cct items to CSV;
  • UPD: allow unfiltered output for Dynamic Field with appropriate filter;
  • UPD: getting more precise object ID on Dynamic Terms render;
  • UPD: allow to update or replace related items from the front-end forms;
  • FIX: Replace slider arrows with SVG;
  • FIX: Better Calendar listing and Query Builder compatibility;
  • FIX: Elementor 3.6 compatibility;
  • FIX: prevent PHP errors on posts search.

## 2.11.3
* ADD: an ability to get object link by ID in the QR Code callback;
* UPD: allow to create relations for the same objects;
* FIX: compatibility the Dynamic Visibility with Elementor Improved CSS Loading Experiment;
* FIX: prevent jump to top of listing after load more of masonry listing;
* FIX: compat with Elementor Pro 3.6 (registration controls);
* FIX: lazy load listing by queried_user_id on single user page;
* FIX: displaying preview of profile menu widget in Elementor Editor.

JetEngine 2.10.3

December 23, 2021
  • ADD: better compatibility a query builder listing with taxonomy filters;
  • ADD: compatibility with Elementor 3.5;
  • ADD: compatibility the Map Listings with JetPopup;
  • ADD: Rest API listing settings in Blocks editor;
  • ADD: verify nonce in the Form;
  • FIX: condition meta field by glossary field;
  • FIX: prevent php error if a store name has quotes;
  • FIX: prevent php error if a store name or slug has slashes;
  • FIX: update_user notification in the Form;
  • FIX: better data escaping before output in the listing grid;
  • FIX: Repeater listing inside WC_Product_Query listing.

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